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índio (American native)
índio (the element)


  • IPA(key): (Brazil) /ˈĩ.d͡ʒju/, [ˈĩ.d͡ʒju]
  • IPA(key): (Portugal) /ˈĩ.dju/, [ˈĩ.dju]

Etymology 1[edit]

From Índia +‎ -o.


índio m (feminine singular índia, masculine plural índios, feminine plural índias, comparable)

  1. Indian (of or relating to the aboriginal people of the Americas)
    Synonym: (broader, but usually refers to American Indians) indígena
  2. (chiefly historical) Synonym of indiano


índio m (plural índios, feminine índia, feminine plural índias)

  1. Indian (indigenous person of the Americas)
    Synonym: indígena
  2. (chiefly historical) Synonym of indiano
  3. (Rio Grande do Sul) farmhand (person employed to work on a farm)
    Synonym: peão
  4. (Rio Grande do Sul) a brave man
    Synonym: valente

Etymology 2[edit]

From New Latin Indium, after German Indigo.


índio m (uncountable)

  1. indium (chemical element)