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ʼa- (unspecified person object prefix) + -ó- (“directed at”, combining form of yíní- in the 3rd person) + -ł- (classifier)-taʼ (imperfective stem of root -TAʼ, “to read”).


  • IPA(key): [ʔo̞ɬ˦.txäʔ˨]
  • (file)


ółtaʼ (transitive, unspecified object)

  1. he/she is studying
    Diné bizaad baa ííníshtaʼ
    I am studying the Navajo language.
  2. he/she is counting
  3. he/she is reading
  4. he/she is attending school, goes to school
    Shaʼáłchíní áadi daʼółtaʼ.My children are going to school there.


Paradigm: Momentaneous (∅/yi)

IMPERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person ííníshtaʼ ííníiltaʼ daʼííníiltaʼ
2nd person ííníłtaʼ íínółtaʼ daʼíínółtaʼ
3rd person ółtaʼ daʼółtaʼ
4th person ájółtaʼ daʼjółtaʼ
PERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person ííłtaʼ íiltaʼ daʼíiltaʼ
2nd person ííníłtaʼ óołtaʼ daʼóołtaʼ
3rd person ííłtaʼ daʼííłtaʼ
4th person ájííłtaʼ daʼjííłtaʼ
FUTURE singular duoplural plural
1st person íídéeshtah íídíiltah daʼíídíiltah
2nd person íídííłtah íídóołtah daʼíídóołtah
3rd person íídóołtah daʼíídóołtah
4th person íízhdóołtah daʼíízhdóołtah
ITERATIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person náʼííníshtah náʼííníiltah ńdaʼííníiltah
2nd person náʼííníłtah náʼíínółtah ńdaʼíínółtah
3rd person náʼółtah ńdaʼółtah
4th person náʼjółtah ńdaʼjółtah
OPTATIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person óoshtaʼ óoltaʼ daʼóoltaʼ
2nd person óółtaʼ óołtaʼ daʼóołtaʼ
3rd person óltaʼ daʼółtaʼ
4th person ajółtaʼ daʼjółtaʼ

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