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Middle English[edit]



  1. Alternative form of þe (the)
    • 1470–1483 (date produced), Thomas Malory, “[Launcelot and Guinevere]”, in Le Morte Darthur (British Library Additional Manuscript 59678), [England: s.n.], folio 449, recto, lines 18–21:
      And here on þͤ othir ſyde folowyth the moſte pytevous tale of the morte Arthure ſaunz Gwerdon · Ꝑ le ſhyvalere ẜ Thomᷓs Malleorre knyȝt
      And here on the other side followeth the most piteous tale of the mort d’Arthur sans guerdon, par le chevalier Sir Thomas Malory, knight.


  • English: