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Makšķeres āķi
Celtņa ākis


Borrowed from Middle Low German hake or Middle Dutch haeck or an East Frisian word (compare Saterland Frisian Hoake (hook), German Haken), all ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *keg-, *kek- (peg, hook; to bend).[1]


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āķis m (2nd declension)

  1. hook (instrument with a curved extremity ending in a pointed tip, used to hang or suspend things)
    metāla, tērauda, kaula āķismetal, steel, bone hook
    iedzīt klintī āķusto drive hooks into the rock
    makšķeres āķisfishhook
    uzlikt ēsmu uz āķato put the bait on the (fish)hook
    uzkabināt no āķato hang (something) on a hook
    noņemt uz āķato take something off the hook
    celtņa āķiscrane hook
  2. a hidden or disguised intention or thought
    tur vajag būt kādam āķimthere should be some hook (= hidden intention) there
    lūk, kur tas āķis! — look, there is the hook! (= that was the hidden intention)


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