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Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Slavic *čerzъ, from Proto-Balto-Slavic *(s)kerso-.



črȅz (Cyrillic spelling чре̏з) (+ accusative case)

  1. (archaic) through
    • 1814, Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, Pismenica serbskoga iezika, po govoru prostoga narod'a:
      …него би нуждно било да учени Сербльи учине їедну скупштину ради тога, пак то у договору да рїеше, и свима да їаве чрез їедну обштеначиньену и од свиїу одобрену Писменицу, по коїої би се после сваки драговольно владао, макар писао и їус (ꙛ), акамоли дебело їер (ъ) и їаћ (ѣ).
      …but rather it would be necessary for the learned Serbs to hold an assembly for that, then to resolve it in an agreement, and to announce it to everyone through one commonly-made and universally authorized Grammar, according to which everyone would afterward voluntarily act, even if they wrote the yus (ꙛ), let alone the hard sign (ъ) and yat (ѣ).
  2. (archaic) in, within (of action, to be finished within the specified period)
  3. (archaic) throughout