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From Proto-Vietic *tɛh. Cognate with Muong , Thavung tɛh¹.

The only extra-Vietic cognates this word has are in some Bahnaric languages, such as Nyaheun tɛh and Tampuan tɛ̤h, but it is not clear whether these represent genuine cognates or borrowings.



đẻ (𤯰, 𤯿, 𦝉, 𪽅)

  1. (often with ra) to give birth to
  2. to birth

Derived terms[edit]



  1. (obsolete or in certain Northern Vietnam dialects) mother, mom
    • 1915, Phan Kế Bính, Việt Nam phong tục [Vietnamese customs]:
      Hai tiếng cha mẹ, nước ta mỗi nơi cũng gọi hơi khác nhau: Nơi thì gọi là BốĐẻ, nơi thì gọi là ThầyU.
      With the two words “father” and “mother”, each place in our country uses words that are slightly different; in some places people say bố and đẻ, and in other places people say thầy and u.