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A new term, coined in the 1960s, from the same source as the adjectives īstens, īsts ‎(real, genuine), made into a second conjugation verb (ending -ot).[1]


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īstenot tr., 2nd conj., pres. īstenoju, īsteno, īsteno, past īstenoju

  1. to realize, to implement (to cause something to become real)
    īstenot plānus, ieceres‎ ― to realize plans, expectations
    tā bija neparasta, drosmīga doma, ko viņš šobrīd centās īstenot‎ ― it was an unusal, bold idea which he is now trying to implement
    pirmais mākslīgais Mēness pavadonis, automātiskā stacija Luna-10, turpina īstenot izstrādāto Mēness un apkārtējās telpas izpētes programmu‎ ― the first artificial satellite of the Moon, the automatic station Luna-10, continued to implement, follow the program developed for the research of the Moon and the surrounding space




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