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Apparently from īsts ‎(true, real) +‎ -ens. Comapre Russian истина ‎(ístina, truth).


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īstens (def. īstenais, comp. īstenāks, sup. visīstenākais; adv. īsteni)

  1. real, true, genuine
    mājas īstenais saimnieks — the true, real owner of the house
    ģimenes īstenais apgādnieks — the family's true, real provider
    visās zemēs īstenie dzimtenes patrioti vienmēr bijuši un ir darbaļaudis — the real patriots in all lands are and have always been the workers
    īstens, patiess un vērtīgs būs tikai tas darbs, kas attēlo dziļāko patiesībureal, true and valuable is only the work that represents the deepest truth
  2. true, correct
    atrast īsteno atbildi — to find the true answer
  3. (of members of a society) full
    akadēmijas īstenais loceklisfull member of the academy (the highest, most honorable form of membership)


Usage notes[edit]

In most cases, īsts and īstens are interchangeable, with īsts being usually the preferred, more modern term. One exception, though, is akadēmijas īstenais loceklis, where īsts is not used.


Derived terms[edit]