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łi- (adjectival) + -Ø- (ni-modal 3rd person subject prefix) + -Ø- (classifier)-gai (neuter imperfective stem of root -GAII, “to be white”).

Compare Dogrib degoo, Ahtna lggeyi.

The łi- prefix appears to have originated historically from the -ł- classifier. When this prefix appears immediately in pre-stem position, it takes the shape of a -l- classifier.




  1. it is white.
    Shash łigai — The (one or two) bear is white.
    Shash daalgai — The (three or more) bears are white.

Usage notes[edit]

This is a neuter verb. As such, it has only the imperfective stem.


Paradigm: Neuter imperfective (ni).

IMPERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person łinishgai łiniigai dałiniigai
2nd person łinígai łinohgai dałinohgai
3rd person łigai daalgai
4th person jilgai dajilgai
Derived terms[edit]

See also[edit]

Colors in Navajo · nidaashchʼąąʼígíí (layout · text)
     łigai      łibá
(dark gray: dinilzhin)
     łizhin      dibéłchíʼí, yishtłizh
(dark brown: dinilzhin)
             dinilchííʼ              łichííʼ, ?              łichxíʼí
(light orange: diniltsxo)
(light yellow: diniltso), dinilgai
             ?              dinooltłʼizh,
chʼilgo dootłʼizh
             {{{mint green}}}, {{{dark green}}}              dootłʼizhii, ?
             yágo dootłʼizh              dootłʼizh              ?, diłhiłgo dootłʼizh              ?, tsédídéehgo dootłʼizh