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œconomy (plural œconomies)

  1. Archaic spelling of economy.
    • 1785, Vicesimus Knox, Liberal Education: Or, a Practical Treatise on the Methods of Acquiring Useful and Polite Learning, §XXXI: on the regulation of puerile diverſions, part 4:
      At the age of ſeventeen or eighteen, they ſhould be indulged, even FOR A MORAL PURPOSE, in fiſhing, ſhooting, hunting*, tennis, cricket, and all other diverſions conſiſtent with ſafety, good company, health, and œconomy.
    • 1790, Antoine-François de Fourcroy, Elements of natural history, and of chemistry
      Its strong taste, its tendency to deliquiate, and indeed all its properties, lead us to think, that it would act powerfully on the animal œconomy []