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Borrowed from ǁXegwi.


  • (anglicised pronunciation) IPA(key): /kɛ.ɡwi/[1]

Proper noun[edit]


  1. An extinct language formerly spoken in South Africa near the Swazi border.
    • 1980, Jannie Winston Snyman, Bushman and Hottentot linguistic studies, page 75:
      They also occur in ǁxegwi but not in other "Bush" languages.
    • 1995, Rajend Mesthrie, Language and social history: studies in South African sociolinguistics, page 13:
      [] variety known as ǁXegwi was spoken. In the 1950s there were fewer than 36 speakers left. They were described as still knowing their language 'fairly well' and being bilingual in 'Swazi-Zulu' and Afrikaans (Potgieter 1955), []
    • 2009, Rudolf P. Botha, Chris Knight, The Cradle of Language, page 216:
      TABLE 11.2 Loss of ancestral ! clicks in ǁXegwi.


  1. ^ 1992, Alan Barnard, Hunters and Herders of Southern Africa, page xxii: Finally, it may be of interest to the non-specialist that the pronunciation of clicks in ethnic group names is entirely optional when speaking a non-Khoisan language. Acceptable anglicizations may be produced either by articulating a non-click sound of approximately the same phonological position (e.g. p for ʘ, t for ǀ or ǂ, k for ǁ or ǃ), or by ignoring the click entirely and simply pronouncing the release followed by the remainder of the word. When speaking English, I myself say Kung for 'ǃKung', Gwi for 'Gǀwi', and Gana for 'Gǁana'. [] Ko for 'ǃXõ', Kam for 'ǀXam' []

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