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ашъуу ‎(āŝ°w)

  1. er, uh; I mean said when one has made a mistake in speech, before one corrects it
    Уатэр къэсфэхь, ашъуу!, отычэр къэсфэхь — Bring me the hammer, er, I mean, bring me the ax.
    Доларитфы къысэт, ашъуу!, долариплӏы — Give me five dollars, uh, I mean, four dollars.
  2. argh, ugh an expression of frustration or bad mood
    Ашъуу!, хьэл сиӏэп ащ фэшӏкӏэUgh! I'm not in the mood for that.
    Ашъуу!, сибэдалэу укӏошъутыба?Argh! Can't you go instead of me?