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бэнэн (bănăn) (??? please indicate transitivity!)

  1. to fight (with fists and kicks), to wrestle, to brawl, to tussle
    Кӏалэм себэныI am fighting with the boy. (transitive)
    Убэнэрагъуа?Do you wanna tussle?. (transitive)
    Кӏалитӏор зэбэныжьых — The two boys are fighting each other. (transitive)
    Кӏалэмрэ Томымрэ зэбэных — The boy and Top are brawling. (transitive)
    Уишъыпкъэу лӏыжъым уебэныта? — Are you seriously gonna brawl an old-man?. (transitive)
  2. to struggle
    Кӏалэр узым ебэны — The boy is fighting (struggling) the disease. (transitive)

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