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Character  в 
Cyrillic U+0432


Cyrillic letter В в (В в), normal above, italics below.
Handwritten forms


Early Cyrillic letter vědě From early Cyrillic letter vědě.


в (lower case, upper case В)

  1. The 3rd letter of several Cyrillic alphabets.

Related terms[edit]

  • v (Latin alphabet)


Pronunciation 1[edit]


в (v) (lower case, upper case В)

  1. The third letter of the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet. Its name is въ (vɤ) and it has the sound of English v. It is preceded by Б and followed by Г.

Pronunciation 2[edit]

  • (before vowels and voiceless consonants) IPA(key): /f/
  • (before voiced consonants) IPA(key): /v/

Alternative forms[edit]


в (v)

  1. going inside (of) or within the limits of, into, in, at, to
    влизам в стаята - to go into the room
    качвам се в колата - to get in the car
    пристигам в хотела - to arrive at the hotel
  2. against, especially with force or violence, into
    Колата се блъсна в дървото. - The car crashed into the tree.
    Не внимавах и се блъснах в стена. - I wasn't careful, and walked into a wall.
  3. used to indicate where something is or where something happens, in, at, on
    в стаята съм - to be in the room
    Срещнахме се в училище. - We met at school.
    пътувам в автобуса/метрото - to travel on the bus/tube
  4. used with certain time expressions to say when something happens, at, in, on, during
    в 8 часа - at 8 o'clock
    в петък - on Friday
    в 1988 - in 1988
    в деветнадесетия век - in/during the nineteenth century
    в това/същото време - at that/the same time
    в момента - at the moment
    в един миг - momentarily/in a moment
    в началото - in the beginning
    в началото на годината - at the beginning of the year
  5. used to indicate a change in state, to, into
    превръщам в камък - to turn into stone
    превръщам в пепел/прах/развалини - to reduce to ashes/powder/ruins
    превръщам километри в мили - to convert kilometres into miles
  6. used to indicate a state or condition, in, on
    в безсъзнание съм - to be in a dead faint/to be unconscious
    в движение - in motion/on the move
    в добро здравословно състояение - in good health
    в покой - in repose/at rest/motionless
    в кома - in a coma
  7. used to show how or in what way something is done, in, at
    плащам в долари/брой - to pay in dollars/cash
    меря в километри - to measure in kilometres
    марширувам в строй - to march in formation
    вървя в крак - to keep in step
    слушам в захлас - to listen in a daze
    в галоп/тръс - at a gallop/trot
  8. used to indicate the parts forming something, in
    роман в три части - a novel in three volumes
    филм в два епизода - a film in two episodes
  9. used to describe the clothes or the colour of something, in
    облечен в черно/черна риза - dressed in black/a black shirt
    стени, боядисани в синьо - walls painted blue
  10. used to indicate a sphere where a certain quality is present, at
    Той е много добър в професията си. - He is very good at his job.
Usage notes[edit]

In writing, във is used in front of words starting with в or ф and в is used elsewhere. In speech, в and във are used interchangeably. In writing and in speech, във is also used as a stressed form of в, even before words not beginning with в or ф, as in Тя е във къщата, а не отвън. - She is in the house, not outside. In verse, във can also be used in front of words not starting with в or ф in order to maintain the syllable structure of the line.

Related terms[edit]



в (v) (lowercase, uppercase В) (italics: В, в)

  1. The third letter of the Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet. Its name is в (vɛ) and it has the sound of English v. It is preceded by Б and followed by Г.



Etymology 1[edit]


Wikipedia has an article on:


в (v) (lower case, upper case В) (italics: В, в)

  1. The third letter of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Its name is вэ (vɛ) and it has the sound of English v. It is preceded by Б and followed by Г.
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Etymology 2[edit]

From Old East Slavic въ.


в, во (v, vo)

  1. (location) in, at, on (+ prepositional case)
    Он в театре (on v teátre) — He’s at (in) the theater.
  2. (direction) to, into (+ accusative case)
    Он идёт в театр (on idyót v teátr) — He’s going to (into) the theater.
  3. (time) at, in, on
    в три часа (v tri časá) — at three o’clock
  4. per
    три раза в день (tri ráza v den') — three times per day

Etymology 3[edit]


в (вольт, vol’t)

  1. volt




в (lower case, upper case В)

  1. The 3rd letter of the Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic alphabet.

Usage notes[edit]

Its name is в (vɛ) (old name: веди) and it has the sound of English v.

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