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доста́ть (dostátʹpf (imperfective достава́ть)

  1. reach, touch
    Он ма́ленького ро́ста, не доста́нет до ве́рхней по́лки.
    He is of short stature and won't reach the top shelf.
  2. take, go fetch, take out
    Он доста́л из карма́на сигаре́ты и закури́л.
    He took some cigarettes out of his pocket and started smoking.
  3. get, procure, obtain
    Где ты доста́ла эту кни́гу?
    Where did you get (obtain) this book from? (to a female)
  4. (colloquial) to annoy someone badly
    Он меня́ доста́л со свои́ми вопро́сами.
    He's a real pest with his questions.
  5. (dated) suffice


Derived terms[edit]