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From Proto-Mongolic *ire-, compare Dongxiang ire, Daur irgw.



ирэх (ireh) (Mongolian spelling ᠢᠷᠡᠬᠦ (irekü))

  1. to come (to move from further to closer)
    Synonym: наашлах (naašlah)
    Чамайг ирэхэд би байж байна.
    Čamajg irehed bi bajž bajna.
    I will be there when you come.
    Mанайд ирээрэй.
    Manajd ireerej.
    Please come to our house.
  2. to draw nearer, to occur (of an event
  3. to arrive
    Synonym: хүрэх (hüreh)

Usage notes[edit]

  • ирэх is used in situations in which the subject moves towards the speaker's current position and очих in situations in which the subject moves away from the speaker's current position. Both may be translated as to come, but очих is more often translated as to go.


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