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неин (néin) (possessive)

  1. her, hers; the third-person singular feminine possessive pronoun.
    Неин ред е.
    Nein red e.
    It's her turn.
    Това е нейната книга.
    Tova e nejnata kniga.
    This is her book.
    Нейните родители живеят наблизо.
    Nejnite roditeli živejat nablizo.
    Her parents live nearby.
    един неин приятел
    edin nein prijatel
    a friend of hers
  2. its (when the owning object/article/thing/animal etc., referred to, is feminine)
    Котката и нейната опашка.
    Kotkata i nejnata opaška.
    The cat and its tail.

Related terms[edit]