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Compare Lithuanian niekada.



никогда́ ‎(nikogdá)

  1. never, nevermore (entails the meaning "always" or "for now on")
    Я никогда́ ничего́ не де́лаю‎ ― Ja nikogdá ničevó ne délaju ― I never do anything.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Sentences with the adverb никогда have не ‎(ne) in them.
  • Sentences with the adverb никогда ave imperfective finite verbs in them. For example,
Я никогда́ не экономила на ча́шки ко́фе‎ ― Ja nikogdá ne ekonomila na čáški kófe ― I have never save on cups of coffee.
  • Using the adverb никогда in a sentence with a past tense shows a very strong negative. For example,
  • Я никогда не ездила на лошади. (I have never ridden a horse at all.)


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