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  • IPA(key): [ɐtpʊˈsʲtʲitʲ]
  • (file)


отпусти́ть (otpustítʹpf (imperfective отпуска́ть)

  1. let go, let off
  2. release, set free
    отпустить на волюotpustitʹ na voljuto set at liberty, to liberate
    отпустить на порукиotpustitʹ na porukito take bail
  3. dismiss, give leave
  4. supply, serve, issue, give out, sell
    отпустить шуткуotpustitʹ šutkuto crack a joke
    отпустить комплиментotpustitʹ komplimentto make a compliment, to pay a compliment
  5. allot, assign, allow, provide
  6. slacken, relax, turn loose, loosen
  7. (obsolete) remit, forgive
    отпустить грехиotpustitʹ grexito give absolution
  8. (hair or beard) grow, let grow
  9. (metal) temper, draw
  10. (pain) lessen, ease


Related terms[edit]