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From рас- (ras-) +‎ ходи́ть (xodítʹ) +‎ -ся (-sja), with meaning following the corresponding perfective разойти́сь (razojtísʹ).


  • IPA(key): [rəsxɐˈdʲit͡sːə]
  • (file)


расходи́ться (rasxodítʹsjaimpf (perfective разойти́сь)

  1. to go away, to disperse (in different directions), to spread
  2. to break up (of a crowd, meeting, etc.)
  3. to part, to separate, to break up (of two or three persons), to get divorced, to drift apart
    Андре́й и Ле́на разхо́дятся.
    Andréj i Léna razxódjatsja.
    Andrey and Lena are breaking up.
  4. to be sold out (well), to sell well (of a product)
  5. to disagree, to differ (of opinions)
  6. to diverge, to branch off
  7. to miss one another, to fail to meet
  8. to be spent, to go (of money)
  9. to separate, to not close (of clothes)