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цIэшъутэн (cIăŝ°tăn) (intransitive)

  1. to slip
    кIалэр мэцIашъутэр — The boy is slipping.
    сиIэ бэнанэр къыцIэшъутыкIы — The banana is slipping from my hand.
    кIалэр бэнанэм таучи, мэцIэшъутагъ — The boy step on the banana and he slipped.
  2. to loss the right way, to do the wrong things
    кIалэр мэцIэшъути гонэхьхэр елэжьгъэх — The boy lost the right way and communed sins.
    кIалэм иIиман куачэби, псычыу мэцIэшъутэ — Because the boy's faith isn't strong, he losses the right way fast.