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Classical Syriac[edit]

Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Semitic *’anāk-. Compare Arabic أَنَا ‎(ʾanā), Hebrew אֲנִי ‎(ʾănî).



ܐܢܐ ‎(ʾĕnāʾc ‎(plural ܚܢܢ or ܐܢܚܢܢ)

  1. (personal) I
  2. (intensive) I myself

Etymology 2[edit]

Modified from above, with the initial consonant and vowel quiescing.

Alternative forms[edit]



ܐܢܐ ‎(-nāʾc ‎(plural ܚܢܢ)

  1. an enclitic used as a copula for a first-person singular subject; I am
Usage notes[edit]

Usually, the form ܐܢܐ ‎(ʾĕnāʾ) is written separately from the word it follows while the alternative form ܢܐ- ‎(-nāʾ) is written together with the word it follows.

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