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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowing from Sanskrit ऋतु (ṛtú), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂r̥-tu-, *h₂r̥-ti-, based on *h₂er- (to fix, put together).


ऋतु (ŕtum, f (Urdu spelling رتو)

  1. season
    पपीहा वर्षा ऋतु में सदा गाता है।
    The cuckoo always sings during the rainy season.
    भारत में छह ऋतुएँ होती हैं।
    There are six seasons in India.





Cognate with Old Armenian արդ (ard).


ऋतु (ṛtúm

  1. any settled point of time, fixed time, time appointed for any action (especially for sacrifices and other regular worship), right or fit time
  2. an epoch, period (especially a division or part of the year), season (the number of the divisions of the year is in ancient times, three, five, six, seven, twelve, thirteen, and twenty-four; in later time six seasons are enumerated, namely वसन्त (vasanta, spring), ग्रीष्म (grīṣma, the hot season), वर्षा (varṣā, the rainy season), शरद् (śarad, autumn), हेमन्त (hemanta, winter) and शिशिर (śiśira, the cool season); the seasons are not unfrequently personified, addressed in mantras, and worshipped by libations)
  3. symbolical expression for the number six
  4. the menstrual discharge (in women), the time after the courses (favourable for procreation; according to Bhāvaprakāśa sixteen days after their appearance)
  5. sexual union at the above time
  6. fixed order, order, rule
  7. light, splendour
  8. a particular mineral
  9. name of a rishi
  10. name of the twelfth manu


Masculine u-stem declension of ऋतु
Nom. sg. ऋतुः (ṛtuḥ)
Gen. sg. ऋतोः (ṛtoḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative ऋतुः (ṛtuḥ) ऋतू (ṛtū) ऋतवः (ṛtavaḥ)
Vocative ऋतो (ṛto) ऋतू (ṛtū) ऋतवः (ṛtavaḥ)
Accusative ऋतुम् (ṛtum) ऋतू (ṛtū) ऋतून् (ṛtūn)
Instrumental ऋतुना (ṛtunā) ऋतुभ्याम् (ṛtubhyām) ऋतुभिः (ṛtubhiḥ)
Dative ऋतवे (ṛtave) ऋतुभ्याम् (ṛtubhyām) ऋतुभ्यः (ṛtubhyaḥ)
Ablative ऋतोः (ṛtoḥ) ऋतुभ्याम् (ṛtubhyām) ऋतुभ्यः (ṛtubhyaḥ)
Genitive ऋतोः (ṛtoḥ) ऋत्वोः (ṛtvoḥ) ऋतूनाम् (ṛtūnām)
Locative ऋतौ (ṛtau) ऋत्वोः (ṛtvoḥ) ऋतुषु (ṛtuṣu)



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