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एवम् (evám)

  1. so; thus; in this way; in such a manner; such; as such
    एवं न्विदम् ॥evaṃ nvidam .Now let it be so.
    एवं भवतुevaṃ bhavatube it so (i.e. "I assent")
    एवं मया श्रुतम्evaṃ mayā śrutamthus I have heard, ...
    एवम् उक्त्वाevam uktvāhaving so said, ...
    किम् एवम्kim evamhow so? (i.e. "what does it mean?")

Usage notes[edit]

  • In the oldest Vedic Sanskrit its place is taken by एव (evá).
  • Frequently used with verbs expressing "to know", "to speak", "to hear", etc in Classical Sanskrit.
  • Often used like an adjective:
    एवं ते वचने रतःevaṃ te vacane rataḥrejoicing in such words of thine
  • As a particle, it can imply assent, similar to the English yes.
  • Sometimes merely an expletive.