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From गविष् (gavíṣ, wishing for cows, desirous (in general), eager, fervent) +‎ -ति (-ti), from गो (, cow) +‎ इष् (√iṣ, to endeavour to obtain, strive, seek).


  • (Vedic) IPA(key): /ɡɐ́.ʋiʂ.ʈi/
  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ɡɐˈʋiʂ.ʈi/
  • Noun[edit]

    गविष्टि (gáviṣṭif

    1. desire, eagerness, ardor, fervor
    2. desire for battle
    3. battle


    Feminine i-stem declension of गविष्टि
    Nom. sg. गविष्टिः (gaviṣṭiḥ)
    Gen. sg. गविष्ट्याः / गविष्टेः (gaviṣṭyāḥ / gaviṣṭeḥ)
    Singular Dual Plural
    Nominative गविष्टिः (gaviṣṭiḥ) गविष्टी (gaviṣṭī) गविष्टयः (gaviṣṭayaḥ)
    Vocative गविष्टे (gaviṣṭe) गविष्टी (gaviṣṭī) गविष्टयः (gaviṣṭayaḥ)
    Accusative गविष्टिम् (gaviṣṭim) गविष्टी (gaviṣṭī) गविष्टीः (gaviṣṭīḥ)
    Instrumental गविष्ट्या (gaviṣṭyā) गविष्टिभ्याम् (gaviṣṭibhyām) गविष्टिभिः (gaviṣṭibhiḥ)
    Dative गविष्ट्यै / गविष्टये (gaviṣṭyai / gaviṣṭaye) गविष्टिभ्याम् (gaviṣṭibhyām) गविष्टिभ्यः (gaviṣṭibhyaḥ)
    Ablative गविष्ट्याः / गविष्टेः (gaviṣṭyāḥ / gaviṣṭeḥ) गविष्टिभ्याम् (gaviṣṭibhyām) गविष्टिभ्यः (gaviṣṭibhyaḥ)
    Genitive गविष्ट्याः / गविष्टेः (gaviṣṭyāḥ / gaviṣṭeḥ) गविष्ट्योः (gaviṣṭyoḥ) गविष्टीनाम् (gaviṣṭīnām)
    Locative गविष्ट्याम् / गविष्टौ (gaviṣṭyām / gaviṣṭau) गविष्ट्योः (gaviṣṭyoḥ) गविष्टिषु (gaviṣṭiṣu)


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