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From Proto-Indo-European *teḱs-, cognate with Avestan 𐬙𐬀𐬱𐬀𐬌𐬙𐬌 ‎(tašaiti), Old Armenian տաշեմ ‎(tašem) (from Iranian), Ancient Greek τέχνη ‎(tékhnē), Latin texō, Kurdish texte.


तक्षति ‎(tákṣati) (cl. 1. P. root √takṣ)

  1. to form by cutting, plane, chisel, chop
  2. to cut, split
  3. to fashion, form (out of wood etc.), make, create
  4. to form in the mind, invent
  5. to make (any one young; +double accusative), make able or prepare for (+ dative)
  6. (mathematics) to reduce by dividing
  7. to skin