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From Proto-Indo-European *ten- (to stretch, draw). Cognates include Ancient Greek τείνω (teínō), Latin tendō and Old English þennan.


तनोति (tanóti) (cl.8 P. A1. root √tan)

  1. to extend, spread, be diffused (as light) over, shine, extend towards, reach to
  2. to be protracted, continue, endure
  3. to stretch (a cord), extend or bend (a bow), spread, spin out, weave
  4. to emboss
  5. to prepare (a way for)
  6. to direct (one's way) towards
  7. to propagate (oneself or one's family)
  8. to (spread i.e. to) speak (words)
  9. to protract
  10. to put forth, show, manifest, display, augment
  11. (mediopassive) to be put forth or extended, increase
  12. to accomplish, perform (a ceremony)
  13. to sacrifice
  14. to compose (a literary work)
  15. to render (any one thirsty, double accusative)