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Borrowed from Sanskrit न्याय (nyāya).


न्याय (nyāyam

  1. justice, law
    न्याय न्यायी होना चाहिए।nyāy nyāyī honā cāhie.The law should be just.
    Synonyms: क़ानून (qānūn)
  2. judgement, decision (as of a court)
  3. rule
    Synonyms: नियम (niyam)
  4. (philosophy) Nyaya

Derived terms[edit]




न्याय (nyāyam

  1. that into which a thing goes back i.e. an original type, standard, method, rule, (esp.) a general or universal rule, model, axiom, system, plan, manner, right or fit manner or way, fitness, propriety.
  2. a lawsuit, legal proceeding, judicial sentence, judgement.
  3. a logical or syllogistic argument or inference (consisting of a combination of enthymeme and syllogism, and so having, according to the नैयायिकs 5 members, viz. प्रतिज्ञा, हेतु, उदाहरण, उपनय, निगमन, or according to the वेदान्तिन्s 3 members)
  4. a system of philosophy delivered by गोतम or गौतम (it is one of the six दर्शनस् q.v., and is perhaps so called, because it ‘goes into’ all subjects physical and metaphysical according to the above syllogistic method treated of in one division of the system ; its branch is called वैशेषिक)
  5. likeness, analogy, a popular maxim or apposite illustration (cf. काकाक्षि-, घुणाक्षर-, दण्डापूप. &c.)