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  • (Delhi Hindi) IPA(key): /pəʈ.nɑː/, [pəʈ.n̪äː]

Etymology 1[edit]

Hindi verb set
पटना (paṭnā)
पाटना (pāṭnā)
पटाना (paṭānā)

Inherited from Proto-Indo-Aryan *paṭyati (to split) (attested as the root Sanskrit पट् (paṭ)). Also influenced by Sanskrit पट्ट (paṭṭa, tablet, slab). Compare Marathi पटणे (paṭṇe, to be convincing).


पटना (paṭnā) (intransitive, Urdu spelling پٹنا‎)

  1. to get along; to have a good relationship
    उन दोनों की ख़ूब जल्दी पट गई।
    un donõ kī xūb jaldī paṭ gaī.
    Those two got along pretty quick.
  2. to be settled (debt), paid
  3. to be flat, level
  4. to be thatched (a roof)
  5. to be irrigated, watered
    Synonym: सिंचना (siñcnā)


Etymology 2[edit]

Unknown. Also known as पाटलिपुत्र (pāṭliputra) at one time.

Perhaps from Sanskrit पट्टन (paṭṭana, town), probably from Dravidian.

Proper noun[edit]

पटना (paṭnām (Urdu spelling پٹنہ‎)

  1. Patna (the capital and largest city of Bihar, India)
  2. Patna (a district of Bihar, India, containing the city of the same name)