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From Proto-Indo-European *preḱ- ‎(to ask). Cognates include Old Persian [script needed] ‎(fraθ-), Old Armenian հարց ‎(harcʿ), Latin posco, Old English frignan and Russian просить ‎(prosit’).


पृच्छति ‎(pṛcchati) (cl.6 P. root √prach)

  1. to ask, question, interrogate (+ accusative)
  2. to ask after inquire about (+ accusative)
  3. to ask or interrogate any one (accusative) about anything
  4. (astrology) to consult the future
  5. (with नामतो मातरम् ‎(nāmato mātaram)) to inquire about one's (genitive) mother's name
  6. (with ‎(na)) not to trouble one's self with
  7. to seek, wish, long for
  8. to ask, demand, beg, entreat (+ accusative)
  9. (passive) to be asked or questioned about