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From Proto-Indo-European *preḱ- (to ask). Cognates include Old Persian [script needed] (fraθ-), Old Armenian հարց (harcʿ), Latin posco, Old English frignan and Russian просить (prosit’).


पृच्छति (pṛcchati) (cl.6 P. root √prach)

  1. to ask, question, interrogate (+ accusative)
  2. to ask after inquire about (+ accusative)
  3. to ask or interrogate any one (accusative) about anything
  4. (astrology) to consult the future
  5. (with नामतो मातरम् (nāmato mātaram)) to inquire about one's (genitive) mother's name
  6. (with (na)) not to trouble one's self with
  7. to seek, wish, long for
  8. to ask, demand, beg, entreat (+ accusative)
  9. (passive) to be asked or questioned about