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From Sanskrit भक्ति (bhaktí).



भक्ति (bhaktif (Urdu spelling بھکتی‎)

  1. devotion
  2. constancy
  3. faith, faithfulness
  4. reverence
  5. devoutness
  6. adoration, fidelity

Related terms[edit]


Alternative forms[edit]


From the -ta participle of the verbal root भजति (bhajati, to divide, distribute, allot or apportion to); compare भक्त (bhaktá, distributed, assigned, alloted). Ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *bʰeh₂g-.


भक्ति (bhaktíf

  1. distribution, partition, separation
    क्षेत्रभक्ति (kṣetra-bhakti, the division of a field)
    भङ्गीभक्ति (bhaṅgī-bhakti, division or separation into (a series of) waves or wave-like steps)
  2. division, portion, share
  3. a division of a सामन् (sāman) (also called विधि (vidhi), of which 7 or 5 are enumerated)
  4. division by streaks or lines
  5. streak, line, variegated decoration
  6. row, series, succession, order
    भक्त्या (bhaktyā) and भक्तितस् (bhakti-tas, in succession)
  7. (at the end of a compound) the being a part of, belonging to
    अज्भक्तेः (ajbhakteḥ, on the part of the vowels)
  8. that which belongs to or is contained in anything else, an attribute
  9. predisposition (of body to any disease)
  10. attachment, devotion, fondness for, devotion to; bhakti
  11. (with locative, genitive or at the end of a compound) trust, homage, worship, piety, faith or love or devotion (as a religious principle or means of salvation, together with कर्मन् (karman, works), and ज्ञान (jñāna, spiritual knowledge))
  12. (at the end of a compound) assumption of the form of
  13. often wrong reading for भङ्गि (bhaṅgi) or भुक्ति (bhukti)


Feminine i-stem declension of भक्ति
Nom. sg. भक्तिः (bhaktiḥ)
Gen. sg. भक्त्याः / भक्तेः (bhaktyāḥ / bhakteḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative भक्तिः (bhaktiḥ) भक्ती (bhaktī) भक्तयः (bhaktayaḥ)
Vocative भक्ते (bhakte) भक्ती (bhaktī) भक्तयः (bhaktayaḥ)
Accusative भक्तिम् (bhaktim) भक्ती (bhaktī) भक्तीः (bhaktīḥ)
Instrumental भक्त्या (bhaktyā) भक्तिभ्याम् (bhaktibhyām) भक्तिभिः (bhaktibhiḥ)
Dative भक्त्यै / भक्तये (bhaktyai / bhaktaye) भक्तिभ्याम् (bhaktibhyām) भक्तिभ्यः (bhaktibhyaḥ)
Ablative भक्त्याः / भक्तेः (bhaktyāḥ / bhakteḥ) भक्तिभ्याम् (bhaktibhyām) भक्तिभ्यः (bhaktibhyaḥ)
Genitive भक्त्याः / भक्तेः (bhaktyāḥ / bhakteḥ) भक्त्योः (bhaktyoḥ) भक्तीनाम् (bhaktīnām)
Locative भक्त्याम् / भक्तौ (bhaktyām / bhaktau) भक्त्योः (bhaktyoḥ) भक्तिषु (bhaktiṣu)