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Borrowed from Sanskrit मधु (mádhu).



मधु (madhum (Urdu spelling مدھو)

  1. honey
    हर मधुमक्खी रानी के लिए मधु बनाता है।
    har madhumakkhī rānī ke lie madhu banātā hai.
    Every honeybee makes honey for the queen.
    Synonyms: शहद (śahad)

Related terms[edit]


  • Platts, John T. (1884), “मधु”, in A dictionary of Urdu, classical Hindi, and English, London: W. H. Allen & co.


Alternative forms[edit]


मधु n

  1. Devanagari script form of madhu



From Proto-Indo-Iranian *mádʰu, from Proto-Indo-European *médʰu (honey, wine). Cognates include Ancient Greek μέθυ (méthu), Lithuanian medùs, Old Church Slavonic медъ (medŭ, honey), and Old English medu (English mead).



मधु (mádhun

  1. anything sweet (especially if liquid), mead etc.
  2. honey (said to possess intoxicating qualities and to be of 8 kinds)
    • RV 2.39.6a
      ओष्ठाविव मध्वास्ने वदन्ता सतनाविव पिप्यतं जीवसेनः |
      नासेव नस्तन्वो रक्षितारा कर्णाविव सुश्रुता भूतमस्मे ||
      oṣṭhāviva madhvāsne vadantā stanāviva pipyataṃ jīvasenaḥ |
      nāseva nastanvo rakṣitārā karṇāviva suśrutā bhūtamasme ||
      Even as two lips that with the mouth speak honey, even as two breasts that nourish our existence,
      Like the two nostrils that protect our being, be to us as our ears that hear distinctly.
  3. milk or anything produced from milk (as butter, ghee etc.)
  4. the juice or nectar of flowers, any sweet intoxicating drink, wine or spirituous liquor
  5. sugar
  6. water
  7. pyrites
  8. a kind of metre


Neuter u-stem declension of मधु
Nom. sg. मधु (madhu)
Gen. sg. मधुनः (madhunaḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative मधु (madhu) मधुनी (madhunī) मधूनि (madhūni)
Vocative मधु (madhu) मधुनी (madhunī) मधूनि (madhūni)
Accusative मधु (madhu) मधुनी (madhunī) मधूनि (madhūni)
Instrumental मधुना (madhunā) मधुभ्याम् (madhubhyām) मधुभिः (madhubhiḥ)
Dative मधुने (madhune) मधुभ्याम् (madhubhyām) मधुभ्यः (madhubhyaḥ)
Ablative मधुनः (madhunaḥ) मधुभ्याम् (madhubhyām) मधुभ्यः (madhubhyaḥ)
Genitive मधुनः (madhunaḥ) मधुनोः (madhunoḥ) मधूनाम् (madhūnām)
Locative मधुनि (madhuni) मधुनोः (madhunoḥ) मधुषु (madhuṣu)


Proper noun[edit]

मधु (madhum

  1. Name of the first month of the year - Chaitra, the season of spring.
  2. Name of Shiva.
  3. Name of a demon killed by Vishnu.


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