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From रम् (ram)


रति (ratif

  1. rest, repose.
  2. pleasure, enjoyment, delight in, fondness for (loc. or comp. ; रतिम् with √ आप्, लभ्, उप-लभ्, अधि-गम्, विद्कृ or बन्ध् and loc., ‘ to find pleasure in ’).
  3. the pleasure of love, sexual passion or union, amorous enjoyment (often personified as one of the two wives of काम-देव, together with प्रीति q.v.).
  4. the pudenda.
  5. = रति-गृह, pleasure-house.
  6. Name of the sixth कल of the Moon.
  7. Name of an अप्सरस्.
  8. Name of the wife of विभु (mother of पृथु-षेण).
  9. Name of a magical incantation recited over weapons.
  10. Name of the letter न्.
  11. Name of a metre.


Feminine i-stem declension of रति
Nom. sg. रतिः (ratiḥ)
Gen. sg. रत्याः / रतेः (ratyāḥ / rateḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative रतिः (ratiḥ) रती (ratī) रतयः (ratayaḥ)
Vocative रते (rate) रती (ratī) रतयः (ratayaḥ)
Accusative रतिम् (ratim) रती (ratī) रतीः (ratīḥ)
Instrumental रत्या (ratyā) रतिभ्याम् (ratibhyām) रतिभिः (ratibhiḥ)
Dative रत्यै / रतये (ratyai / rataye) रतिभ्याम् (ratibhyām) रतिभ्यः (ratibhyaḥ)
Ablative रत्याः / रतेः (ratyāḥ / rateḥ) रतिभ्याम् (ratibhyām) रतिभ्यः (ratibhyaḥ)
Genitive रत्याः / रतेः (ratyāḥ / rateḥ) रत्योः (ratyoḥ) रतीनाम् (ratīnām)
Locative रत्याम् / रतौ (ratyām / ratau) रत्योः (ratyoḥ) रतिषु (ratiṣu)



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