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लाक्षा (lākṣāf

  1. (botany) a species of plant
  2. a kind of red dye, lac (obtained from the cochineal or a similar insect as well as from the resin of a particular tree)
  3. the insect or animal which produces the red dye


Feminine ā-stem declension of लाक्षा
Nom. sg. लाक्षा (lākṣā)
Gen. sg. लाक्षायाः (lākṣāyāḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative लाक्षा (lākṣā) लाक्षे (lākṣe) लाक्षाः (lākṣāḥ)
Vocative लाक्षे (lākṣe) लाक्षे (lākṣe) लाक्षाः (lākṣāḥ)
Accusative लाक्षाम् (lākṣām) लाक्षे (lākṣe) लाक्षाः (lākṣāḥ)
Instrumental लाक्षया (lākṣayā) लाक्षाभ्याम् (lākṣābhyām) लाक्षाभिः (lākṣābhiḥ)
Dative लाक्षायै (lākṣāyai) लाक्षाभ्याम् (lākṣābhyām) लाक्षाभ्यः (lākṣābhyaḥ)
Ablative लाक्षायाः (lākṣāyāḥ) लाक्षाभ्याम् (lākṣābhyām) लाक्षाभ्यः (lākṣābhyaḥ)
Genitive लाक्षायाः (lākṣāyāḥ) लाक्षयोः (lākṣayoḥ) लाक्षाणाम् (lākṣāṇām)
Locative लाक्षायाम् (lākṣāyām) लाक्षयोः (lākṣayoḥ) लाक्षासु (lākṣāsu)


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