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From Proto-Indo-European *wōkʷs (speech, voice). Cognates include Latin vōx, Ancient Greek ὄψ (óps) and Persian آواز (âvâz).


वाच् (vā́cf

  1. speech, voice, talk, language (also of animals), sound (also of inanimate objects as of the stones used for pressing, of a drum etc.)
    वाचम् (vācam)-√ṛ, √īr or √iṣ — to raise the voice, utter a sound, cry, call
  2. a word, saying, phrase, sentence, statement, asseveration
    वाचं (vācaṃ)-√vad — to speak words
    वाचं व्या (vācaṃ vyā)-√hṛ — to utter words
    वाचं (vācaṃ)-√dā +dative — to address words to
    वाचा सत्यं (vācā satyaṃ)-√kṛ — to promise verbally in marriage, plight troth
  3. Speech personified as the goddess of speech Vāc


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