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From Proto-Indo-European *wōkʷs ‎(speech, voice). Cognates include Latin vōx, Ancient Greek ὄψ ‎(óps) and Persian آواز ‎(âvâz).


वाच् ‎(vā́cf

  1. speech, voice, talk, language (also of animals), sound (also of inanimate objects as of the stones used for pressing, of a drum etc.)
    वाचम् ‎(vācam)-√ṛ, √īr or √iṣ — to raise the voice, utter a sound, cry, call
  2. a word, saying, phrase, sentence, statement, asseveration
    वाचं ‎(vācaṃ)-√vad — to speak words
    वाचं व्या ‎(vācaṃ vyā)-√hṛ — to utter words
    वाचं ‎(vācaṃ)-√dā +dative — to address words to
    वाचा सत्यं ‎(vācā satyaṃ)-√kṛ — to promise verbally in marriage, plight troth
  3. Speech personified as the goddess of speech Vāc


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