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PIE root

From Proto-Indo-European *gʷʰen- ‎(to strike; slay, kill). Cognates include Ancient Greek θείνω ‎(theínō, I strike, wound), Avestan 𐬘𐬀𐬌𐬥𐬙𐬌 ‎(jainti), Old Armenian գան ‎(gan) and ջին ‎(ǰin), Latin offendō, Old Church Slavonic гънати ‎(gŭnati) and Old English bana (English bane) and gūþ ‎(battle).


हन्ति ‎(hanti) (cl.2 P. root √han)

  1. to strike, beat (also a drum), pound, hammer (+ accusative) etc.; upon (+ locative)
  2. to smite, slay, hit, kill, mar, destroy
  3. to put to death, cause to be executed
  4. to strike off Kathās
  5. to ward off, avert
  6. to hurt, wound (the heart)
  7. to hurl (a dart) upon
  8. (astronomy) to touch, come into contact
  9. to obstruct, hinder
  10. to repress, give up, abandon (anger, sorrow etc.)
  11. (?) to go, move
  12. to be struck or killed
  13. to cause to be slain or killed, kill, slay, put to death, punish
  14. to notify a person's death
  15. to wish to kill or destroy
  16. to strike = tread upon (locative or accusative)
  17. to dispel (darkness), destroy (evil, harm)
  18. to hurt, injure, wound



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