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Proper noun[edit]

हरि (harim

  1. (Hinduism) Hari: an epithet of Krishna, avatar of Vishnu



From Proto-Indo-Aryan *źʰárHiṣ, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *ȷ́ʰárHiš, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰelh₃- (to shine). Cognate with Avestan 𐬰𐬀𐬌𐬭𐬌‎(zairi‎), Persian زر(zar, gold).



हरि (hári)

  1. to be yellow or green
  2. fawn-coloured
  3. reddish brown
  4. brown
  5. tawny
  6. pale
  7. yellow
  8. fallow
  9. bay (especially applied to horses)
  10. green
  11. greenish


हरि (hári)

  1. a horse, steed (especially of Indra)
  2. a lion
  3. the sign of the zodiac Leo
  4. the sun
  5. a monkey
  6. a ray of light
  7. the moon
  8. mungo bean, Vigna mungo
  9. a jackal
  10. a parrot
  11. peacock
  12. the koil or Indian cuckoo
  13. a goose
  14. a frog
  15. a snake
  16. fire
  17. the wind
  18. (in the plural) men, people (= मनुष्याः)

Proper noun[edit]

हरि (hári)

  1. name of Vayu (god of the wind)
  2. name of Indra
  3. name of Vishṇu-Kṛishṇa (in this sense thought by some to be derived from √hṛ, 'to take away or remove evil or sin')
  4. name of Brahmā TĀr.
  5. name of Yama
  6. name of Śiva
  7. name of Śukra
  8. name of Su-parṇa
  9. name of a son of Garuḍa
  10. name of a Rākshasa
  11. name of a Dānava
  12. name of a son of Akampaua (or Anukampana)
  13. name of a son of Tārakâksha
  14. name of a son of Parājit
  15. name of a son of Parāvṛit
  16. name of a worshiper of Vishṇu
  17. name of various authors and scholars (especially of the poet Bhartṛi-hari as the author of the Vākya-padīya)
  18. name (also with miśra, bhaṭṭa, dīkṣita etc.)
  19. name of a mountain
  20. name of a world (compare hari-varṣa)
  21. name of a metre
  22. name of a particular high number
  23. name a particular class of gods under Manu Tāmasa
  24. female name of the mythical mother of the monkeys


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