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From Proto-Sino-Tibetan *s-hjwəj-t.


हि (hi)

  1. blood



हि ()

  1. for, because, on account of (never standing first in a sentence, but generally after the first word and used enclitically, sometimes after pronouns)
    सर्वो हि पृतना जिगीषति (sárvo hí pṛ́tanā jígīṣati)for everybody wishes to win battles
    भवान् हि प्रमाणम् (bhavān hi pramāṇam)for your honour is the authority
    तथा हि (tathā hi)for example; accordingly
    न हि (ná hí), नहि (nahí)for not; not at all
  2. just, pray, do (with an imperative or potential emphatically; sometimes with indicative)
    पश्यामो हि (paśyāmo hi)we will just see
  3. indeed, assuredly, surely, of course, certainly
    हि वै (hí vaí)most assuredly
    हि – तु (hi – tu), हि – पुनर् (hi – punar)indeed – but
  4. often a mere expletive, especially to avoid a hiatus, sometimes repeated in the same sentence; hi is also said to be an interjection of "envy", "contempt", "hurry" etc.