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U+2021, ‡

General Punctuation
See also: ǂ


Punctuation mark[edit]

(English name diesis or double dagger or double obelus)

  1. Indicates the third footnote.
    • 1887, W. P. Groeneveldt, “Notes on the Malay Archipelago and Malacca”, in Miscellaneous Papers Relating to Indo-China and the Indian Archipelago[1], volume I (in English), London: Trübner & Co., →OCLC, page 165:
      " In the year 1452 the king Prabu* sent envoys to court with tribute.
      " In the year 1460 the king Tu-ma-pan (Tumapel?)† sent envoys to carry tribute. When these envoys went back, and had arrived at An-ch’ing, they got drunk and had a fight with foreign priests who came to bring tribute, and of whom six were killed.
      * 巴剌武, Pa-la-bu.
      都馬班. Compare note † on page 162.
      安慶府, in the province of An-hwui.
  2. (chemistry) Indicates a transition state species

Usage notes[edit]

This can also be used to make a footnote, not just the third.


  • (indicating a transition state): #

Related terms[edit]