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U+2629, ☩

Miscellaneous Symbols



 Cross potent and Jerusalem cross on Wikipedia

  1. A Jerusalem cross; a cross of Jerusalem.
  2. A cross potent.
  3. A crutch cross.

Usage notes[edit]

Jerusalem cross with a cross potent in the center; note the similarities of this center cross and the glyph at the top of this entry

The name of this Unicode character is a misnomer. The glyph associated with the name, "Jerusalem cross," according to the official Unicode character sheet is a simple cross potent, having four arms of equal length ending in bars, each like a rotated capital letter T.

Jerusalem cross made of five Greek crosses: one in each corner and a larger one in the center

The Jerusalem cross itself is a more complex symbol consisting of either a Greek cross (simply having four arms of equal length) or a cross potent, which is surrounded by four smaller Greek crosses, one in each corner.

Derived terms[edit]