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U+2645, ♅

Miscellaneous Symbols



A globe surmounted by the letter H, the initial of Herschel, the discoverer of Uranus ('planet Herschel').


  1. (astronomy, astrology) Uranus.
    • 1844, William Henry Smyth, “θ1 Orionis”, in Cycle of Celestial Objects, for the Use of Naval, Military, and Private Astronomers, volume the second (The Bedford Catalogue) (in English), London: John W[illiam] Parker, [], page 130:
      A multiple star, the beautiful trapezium in the “Fish’s mouth” of the vast nebula in the middle of Orion’s sword-scabbard. A 6, pale white; B 7, faint lilac; C 7½, garnet; D 8, reddish; and E 15, blue. This was entered 1 . iii., in November, 1776, and had the honour of being the object to which the grand forty-foot reflector was first directed, in February, 1787, under the designation of “quadruple.” As a trapezium it was gazed at, measured, and delineated, for upwards of fifty years, when Σ. announced it “quintuplex,” by the addition of the little star E. Now when we consider the eye of ., the measures of S., and the rigorous examination of H., this little companion must be looked upon as variable; []

Usage notes[edit]

While neither symbol is exclusive, ⟨⛢⟩ is somewhat more common in astronomy, and ⟨♅⟩ is very much more common in astrology. Use of either in astronomy is now uncommon.


Related terms[edit]

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