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Stroke order
ㅋ (kieuk) stroke order.png


Etymology 1[edit]

From (giyeok) + additional horizontal line representing burst of aspiration.


‎(McCune-Reischauer: k')

  1. 키읔 (kieuk), a jamo (letter) of the alphabet of the Korean writing system, hangeul.
    In the South Korean order, it is the sixteenth jamo. In the North Korean order, it is the eleventh.
    ㅋ (kieuk) is pronounced as a aspirated velar plosive ([kʰ]), i.e. similar to the English k.

Etymology 2[edit]

Due to the fact that the letter k repeated sounds like a person laughing, putting ㅋ in a consecutive manner stands for laughing in the Korean internet media.



  1. (Internet slang) laughing.