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U+ADC0, 귀
Composition: +
Dubeolsik input:r-n-l
Hangul Syllables


Etymology 1[edit]

궤 ←→ 규



  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Of native Korean origin.

(gwi, “ear”)


Revised Romanization? gwi
Revised Romanization (translit.)? gwi
McCune–Reischauer? kwi
Yale Romanization? kwi

South Gyeongsang (Busan) pitch accent: / 에 /

Syllables in red take high pitch. This word always takes high pitch and also heightens the next suffixed syllable, unless it is 에.



  1. ear, auricle
    에 경 읽기soegwie gyeong ilgiAs useless as reciting a sutra to the ears of a cow.
    로 듣고 다른 로 흘리다.
    Han gwiro deutgo dareun gwiro heullida.
    To go in one ear and out the other.
    에 걸면 (엣)고리, 코에 걸면 코(엣)고리.
    Gwie geolmyeon gwi(et)gori, ko-e geolmyeon ko(et)gori.
    As indiscreet as applying a ring to the ear and to the nose alike.
  2. spout, lip (for pouring)
  3. corner, edge, protrusion
  4. eye of a needle
Derived terms[edit]
  • 귀걸이 (gwigeori, “earring”)
  • 귓가 (gwitga, “outer ear; pinna”)
  • 귓구멍 (gwitgumeong, “ear canal”)
  • 귓바퀴 (gwitbakwi, “auricle”)
  • 귓밥 (gwitbap, “thickness of the earlobe”)
  • 귓병 (gwitbyeong, “earache”)
  • 귓불 (gwitbul, “earlobe”)
  • 귓속 (gwitsok, “inner ear”)
  • 귓전 (gwitjeon, “outer ear”)
  • 귓집 (gwitjip, “earflap”)
  • 말귀 (malgwi, “ear, understanding”)
  • 바늘귀 (baneulgwi, “eye of a needle”)
  • 쇠귀 (soegwi, “cow's ear”)
Related terms[edit]

Etymology 3[edit]

Korean reading of various Chinese characters.



  1. :
    (MC reading: (MC kʉiH))
  2. :
    (MC reading: (MC kʉi))
  3. :
    (MC reading: (MC kʉiX))
  4. :
    (MC reading: (MC ɡɨo, kəu, kɨoH, kəuH))
  5. :
    (MC reading: (MC kˠiuɪX))
  6. :
    (MC reading: (MC kˠiuᴇX))
  7. :
    (MC reading: (MC kˠiuɪ, kɨu))
  8. : Alternative form of
    (MC reading: )
  9. : Alternative form of
    (MC reading: (MC kəu, kəuH))
  10. : Alternative form of
    (MC reading: )
  11. :
    (MC reading: (MC kˠiuᴇiH))
  12. :
    (MC reading: )