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Character  수 
Hangul Syllables U+C218
Composition +
Dubeolsik keyboard entry t-n


Etymology 1[edit]

쇼 ←

숴 →


(transliterations: RR su, RRT , McCune–Reischauer su, Yale swu)

  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Of native Korean origin.



  1. way, means, possibility
  2. male (non-human)

Usage notes[edit]

After a future determiner and before, (su, “possibility”) with a form of 있다 (itda, “to exist”) or 없다 (eopda, “not to exist”) may translate as a form of “can” or “cannot”, respectively:

  • 가 없습니다.
    Gal suga eopsseumnida.
    [I] cannot go. (Literally, "The future going possibility does not exist.")


  • (male): (am, “female (non-human)”)

Etymology 3[edit]

Korean reading of various Chinese characters.


(su) (hanja )

  1. number
    • 를 세다
      sureul seda
      to count (the number of)

(su) (hanja )

  1. water
  2. river
  3. (figuratively) north; winter; black


(su) (hanja )

  1. Abbreviation of 수요일 (suyoil): Wednesday