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Compare Arabic اَللَّات(al-lāt).

Proper noun[edit]

𐪁𐪉 (lt)

  1. the goddess Allat

Further reading[edit]

  • 2005, Literacy in an Oral Environment, in Writing and Ancient Near East Society: Essays in Honor of Alan Millard →ISBN, page 99: a Hismaic inscription from central Jordan [...] Milik 1958–59: 349, no. 6 ...w ḏkrt lt N w kll ʿs²r ṣdq w kll mn yqry wqʿ-n ḏʾ '...and may Lt be mindful of N and of every true friend and of everyone who reads/recites this our inscription'. Note that the final letter, read as h in the edition, is clearly ʾ on the photograph.
  • 2008, Roger D. Woodard, The Ancient Languages of Syria-Palestine and Arabia →ISBN, page 210