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𛀆 U+1B006, 𛀆
โ† 𛀅
Kana Supplement 𛀇 โ†’


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Etymology 1[edit]

From man'yลgana kanji ไปฅ, written in cursive style.


๐›€† (romaji i or yi)

  1. (obsolete) The hentaigana syllable i or yi.

Etymology 2[edit]

Obsolete form of ใ„ (the current form of the Hiragana syllable i). Simplified from ไปฅ.


๐›€† (romaji yi)

  1. The hiragana syllable ๐›€† (yi). Its equivalent in katakana is ๐›„  (yi).

Usage notes[edit]

In modern Japanese, old /ji/ evolved into /i/, and is written as ใ„ in hiragana and ใ‚ค in katakana. Sound /ji/ reintroduced later is written as ใ„ใƒ in hiragana and ใ‚คใ‚ฃ in katakana - however most speakers pronounce this as a long /i/ sound.
  • ๐›€† is a retrospective invention. It was not actually used in the ancient Japanese literature (which uses man'yลgana instead) and thus is not included in the historical kana orthography.
  • In Meiji era grammar books, ๐›€† was sometimes used to spell ใ‚„่กŒไธŠไธ€ๆฎตๆดป็”จ verbs, as well as ใ‚„่กŒไธŠไบŒๆฎตๆดป็”จ verbs. However, this was not universal; some books did this, while others did not.

See also[edit]

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