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'elp (third-person singular simple present 'elps, present participle 'elping, simple past and past participle 'elped)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of help.
    • 1921, Frederick O'Brien, Mystic Isles of the South Seas.[1]:
      The blighter made a bit of a row, and said as 'ow he just could n't 'elp stowin' aw'y every boat for T'iti." "
    • 1915, James Oliver Curwood, The Hunted Woman[2]:
      But, so 'elp me God, the last name was FitzHugh!"
    • 1909, W.W. Jacobs, Sailor's Knots (Entire Collection)[3]:
      Considering that she 'ad only just buried her 'usband, Rupert found her quite skittish enough, and he couldn't 'elp wondering wot she'd be like when she'd got over her grief a bit more.
    • 1908, Charles Rann Kennedy, The Servant in the House[4]:
      I'll be back to 'elp you in with the breakfast, Mr. Manson.