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Etymology 1[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]

  • (-t) (used after words ending in г, р, с.)


(-d) (Mongolian spelling ᠳᠤ (du))

  1. Dative-locative case marker equating to to, at, or in in English. It is used to show the indirect object of a sentence, or to indicate the time or the place an action will happen.
    Монголд уулзбя.Mongold uulzbja.Let's meet in Mongolia.
    Аав над энэ номыг өгсөн.Aav nad ene nomyg ögsön.My father gave this book to me.

Etymology 2[edit]



  1. plural marker for a small number of nouns.
    • мод (mod) (tree), модод (trees), моднууд (trees)
      морь (morʹ) (horse), морьд (horses)
      нохой (nohoj) (dog), ноход (dogs)
Usage notes[edit]

Some words ending in н, с, р or л lose their ending when adding this suffix.

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