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Alternative forms[edit]

  • -евич (-evič)used after a soft consonant
  • -ич (-ič)colloquial, after a soft consonant
  • -ыч (-yč)colloquial, after a hard consonant


-ович (-ovičm

  1. A masculine patronymic suffix added to a given name ending in a hard (unpalatalized) consonant: son of
    Па́вел (Pável, Paul) + ‎-ович (-ovič) → ‎Па́влович (Pávlovič, son of Pavel (Paul))
    Ива́н (Iván, John) + ‎-ович (-ovič) → ‎Ива́нович (Ivánovič, son of Ivan (John))

Usage notes[edit]


Derived terms[edit]