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Alternative forms[edit]


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  • (unstressed) IPA(key): [əvɨj]
  • (stressed) IPA(key): [ˈovɨj]


-овый or -о́вый (-ovyj or -óvyj)

  1. Used to form adjectives from nouns, often relational.
    пла́стик (plástik, plastic) + ‎-овый (-ovyj) → ‎пла́стиковый (plástikovyj, plastic)
    ба́за (báza, base) + ‎-овый (-ovyj) → ‎ба́зовый (bázovyj, base, basic)
    сосна́ (sosná, pine) + ‎-о́вый (-óvyj) → ‎сосно́вый (sosnóvyj, pine) (relational)
    кулачо́к (kulačók, cam) + ‎-о́вый (-óvyj) → ‎кулачко́вый (kulačkóvyj, cam) (relational)

Usage notes[edit]

The suffix is added to the stem (i.e. without final vowels, as in ба́з- and сосн- above, and without epenthetic vowels, as in кулачк- above). The stress of the base form is preserved. If the stress of the base is on a lost vowel, it is transferred to the suffix.


Derived terms[edit]